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Exploring The Positive Path Of Akashic Records Healing Is Better Than Venturing Down Cynical Paths

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Shakespeare said "The eyes are a window to the soul". Many have heard this quote, but few are familiar with William Blake's musing that "life's dim windows of the soul...[may lead] you to believe a lie." Blake was not being cynical; he was being realistic. Those who try to sooth their soul with the wrong approach might believe they are seeing a path to improvement, but are actually embracing things that are not beneficial. Exploring soul healing methods of Akashic records may prove more positive and beneficial than a nihilistic approach to embracing suffering.

The Troubled Soul Seeks Guidance

A person experiencing a spiritual dilemma is likely to look for guidance. Those who love to read works about spirituality, meditation, and about finding meaning in their life will let their eyes guide them in a bookstore. Certain titles may stand out and offer promises of spiritual assistance. Seeking the guidance of quality, thoughtful works might be a very good idea. Unfortunately, there are deeply negativistic works that paint a dark picture of the world and the reader's place in it. Such works try to comfort the trouble soul by leading him or her to embrace bad feelings and accept them as normal and unyielding -- not a very good path to uplifting the spirit.

Complacency and the Soul

Books that tell people to simply accept -- if not embrace -- the troubles in their life owe their sales to a repackaging of dark fatalism. There might be a slight feeling of relief felt by coming across fatalistic writings and philosophy. Reading works by "someone who understands where I am coming from" leaves a person with the sense he/she is not the only one who may feel spiritually down. The problem here is nothing is being done to uplift the person who feels spiritually down. No real changes are explored. Avoiding complacency and exploring ways to heal the soul would be better options. 

Healing the Soul

Exploring the Akashic records is done via deep meditation and the goal is to achieve access to secret knowledge and spiritual healing. Exploring the path of Akashic healing requires time, effort, and patience. The goal of the endeavor is improvement. Complacency and an acceptance of unhappiness are never part of the Akashic path. Exploring a good source for Akashic meditation is going to assist in attaining positive results. Working one-on-one with an instructor might prove even more beneficial.

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