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Three Question To Ask When Looking For A New Church

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There are a number of reasons why you may be looking for a new church like Grace Lutheran Church LCMS. A long distance move, a change in your schedule, or rethinking your religion may leave you needing a new regular church. If you are not sure how to go about looking for a church, you may feel like making a decision is difficult. Here are three questions to find the answers to before you say yes to becoming a member of a church of any kind. 

Does the spirit  of the service work for you?

Some people prefer a more casual, teaching style church. Other people prefer to attend a formal, sermon style church. When you attend the service, look around and get a feel for the overall personality of the service. Look around to see how people are dressed and behaving. In an informal service, people may wear jeans and walk around and talk to one another prior to the sermon beginning. At more formal services, people may be dressed up and the service will have a strict routine.

How much are you absorbing?

One of the main things that you need to get out of any religious service is a good message. After the sermon or the lesson, reflect on just how much you got out of the teaching. Think about the way that the teaching made you feel and how you can apply the knowledge. If you find a church that seems to offer you the ability to give you the spiritual knowledge that you desire, this will be important. Trying out the bible study or extra classes that the church offers will also allow you the chance to gain a little more insight into the way that the church teaches. Knowledge is one of the most crucial points of joining a religion. 

Will the church work through life changes?

If you are a single, or a couple with no children, it may be a good idea to determine how the church would work with life changes. If you plan to get married, have children, or even change careers, it is important to determine if the church will work with these changes. A family friendly and accepting church will be able to meet your needs throughout your possible family and life changes. Take a look at the congregation to find out the demographics of the church, then determine if the church will work for many phases of life.