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What to Expect at a Pentecostal Christian Church Service

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Going to a Pentecostal Church can be an exciting experience, but you may be feeling unsure about what to expect if you've never attended one of these church services. Fortunately, most services aren't hard to follow, and attending a service will likely give you the fun, fulfilling, and spiritual experience that you crave. Here are a few things that you can expect from a Pentecostal Christian Church service.

Preaching and Music Performances

Pentecostal services usually feature a mix of preaching and music performances to help keep attendees engaged fully in the service. The preacher will discuss certain passages from the Bible and how they pertain to everyday life. Music performances often consist of classic hymns and contemporary Christian songs and are usually performed by the choir, special music guests, or the preacher leading the service.

Active Participation

Attendees of most Pentecostal services are encouraged to be vocal when offering praises during certain points throughout each service. You might hear a hearty "hallelujah" or "amen" shouted from the crowd when the pastor is speaking during certain times, and shouting one of these praises is a great way to get into the spirit. Clapping, singing, and even dancing are also encouraged when church songs are performed. This active participation among churchgoers aligns with the Pentecostal principle of developing a personal, direct relationship with the Lord.

A Diverse Crowd

One of the greatest aspects of the Pentecostal Church is the belief that all are welcome to come together to worship. You will likely see people of different ages, races, and ethnicities among the crowd, and attending a service will give you the perfect opportunity to meet friendly people from different backgrounds.

Optional Tithing

Tithing involves giving money to the church as a donation, and you are encouraged to participate in tithing if you are able. A bowl or bucket may be passed around during the service so that people can put their monetary donations into it. Many participants place their donation amounts inside sealed envelopes first, and this can be a good way for you to give if you want to keep your donation amount confidential.

Optional Testimonials

During some services, churchgoers are encouraged to share testimonials about how the Lord has touched their lives. If you have a personal story that you wish to share, you can ask to speak at the appropriate time to tell congregants what the Lord has done for you and how Christianity has impacted your life for the better.

Taking part in a Pentecostal Church service can be a great way to connect more to spirituality and other people who share your faith. You will likely be pleased with your decision when you choose to attend one of these services.