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4 Things You'll Learn In An Online Course About Biblical Prophecy

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Christianity is a beautiful religion that focuses on the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. While all branches of Christianity are centered around Jesus, the various Christian denominations are not uniform in their beliefs. For example, Pentecostals and other continuationists believe that the spiritual gifts God gave Christians in Biblical times continue to this day.

One of these gifts is the gift of prophecy. The act of prophesying may not be intuitive, but an online class on Bible prophecy can help you understand and utilize your gift to the fullest extent. Here are four things you can learn about the gift of prophecy in class:

1. The Purpose Of Prophecy

Prophesying isn't about telling the future. Biblical prophecy has a specific purpose, which is to deliver God's message to people. In modern times, God doesn't have a physical voice with which to speak to Christians. Instead, he speaks through his followers. In a class about prophecy, you will learn the importance of being one of God's spokespeople on Earth. 

2. The History Of Prophecy

Continuationists believe that God continues to bestow the gift of prophecy on people in modern times. However, Biblical prophecy is not a recent development. There have been prophets throughout human history, and many of them are documented in the Bible. In order to understand the gift of prophecy, you must understand the prophets that have come before you. In a class about Biblical prophecy, you will study famous prophets, such as Isaiah and Elijah. By learning how God spoke to these Bible heroes, you can learn more about how God can speak to you.

3. The Connection To Your Spiritual Life

The ability to prophesy is an amazing gift, but it comes with many responsibilities. As a person with a prophetic gift, you must continually tend to your spiritual well-being. As you mature in your faith, your gift of prophecy will mature as well. You cannot be an effective prophet if you neglect your faith life.

4. The Importance Of Discernment

Discernment is very important for people with the gift of prophecy. Whenever you use your gift, you must always make sure that your words are in accord with the Bible. The Bible is God's sacred Word. God will never give you a message that contradicts the words of the Bible. In a Bible prophecy class, you'll have the opportunity to study the Bible. When you're knowledgeable about the Bible, you'll be less likely to be led astray by false prophecy.

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