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Three Common Parts Of Christian Summer Camp

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If you're thinking about sending your children to a Christian summer camp, you'll want to look online to find some camps in your area. Many of these camps exist, offering children of many ages a faith-based summer experience. Whether you want your kids to attend day camp, weekend camp, or a week-long camp, you can be comfortable that they're in a safe and positive environment that reinforces the values you work on teaching at home. While the daily itinerary of Christian summer camps can vary, you'll generally find that these three common parts are present.


Religious themes are present many times throughout the day for children who attend Christian summer camp. There will often be prayers before meals, one or more hymns sung together, and short church-style services — albeit in the casual environment of camp. Some camps will have small Bible study groups, in which the campers are divided into small groups and paired with a counselor. These sessions give the group a chance to discuss one particular part of the Bible and reflect on it.


Christian summer camps also emphasize the importance of serving others in the community, so you can expect that your children will get multiple opportunities to contribute to the betterment of others. There are all sorts of different ways that these camps serve their communities. For example, one camp might take a day trip to a farm where they can pick fresh vegetables, and then deliver these veggies to a food bank or other similar organization. In other cases, the campers may get together for a short visit with elderly members of the community, sharing conversation and board games. Service to others is critical in the Christian faith, and you may find that your child develops more of an appreciation of service through their camp experience.


Of course, you can also expect that your children will have plenty of time to play fun games during their Christian summer camp experience. Many of these games will have a Christian theme, but even those that don't will be family-friendly and age-appropriate. Many of these games will also focus on team building, which can help to create tighter bonds between your children and their new camp friends — something that is especially important during lengthier camps. To learn more about a Christian summer camp in your area and to determine if it's the right fit for your kids, look online.